About Me

Here's some info about who I am.

Professional Snapshot

  • Current Role: Solutions Architect / Lead Front End Engineer, Consultant at Stellar Elements.
  • Experience: Leading complex web projects for large enterprise clients, including Southwest Airlines, Dell, FedEx, AWS, and Microsoft.
  • Expertise: Large enterprise web applications. My specialty is implementing Design Systems.

Personal Passions

When I'm AFK, I immerse myself in a diverse array of hobbies. My interests range from exploring Jazz and death metal on my guitar, delving into art projects, to engaging in recreational mathematics and machine learning. I'm also passionate about creative writing, tinkering with microcontrollers, game development, and experimenting with various gadgets.

What Drives Me

At the core, I am driven by my love for creating art and design through technology. Be it crafting websites, developing games, animating in 2D/3D, composing music, or generating content through machine learning, I thrive at the intersection of technology and creativity.

Career Journey

My path to software engineering was unconventional. Initially set on becoming a theoretical physicist, I pursued pure mathematics and physics in college. However, a deeper engagement with computers during my graduate studies led me to discover my affinity for programming. This realization prompted a pivot away from theoretical physics towards more dynamic and creative fields.

Professional Evolution

  • Game Development: My early career was in game development working as a level designer and systems engineer.
  • Film and Special Effects: Transitioning to the film industry, I climbed the ranks to become a Technical Director, focusing on pipeline work and technical rigging for 3D models.
  • Web Development: A side interest in web development blossomed into a full-fledged career, leading me to my current role as a Lead Front End Engineer.

Community Engagement

I enjoy sharing my experiences and insights, having spoken at various events and featured on the Software Daily Podcast.